From the United Kingdom to Australia, India has the largest amount of people who watch and place bets on cricket in the world. To the tune of approximately $41 billion a year bet on cricket matches.

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Sports Satta Legalization Can Cure Match Fixing

The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry recently published the results of a survey to find out the opinion of Indian entrepreneurs regarding the legalization of sports satta in the country. The survey showed that 74 percent of the businesses in India agreed that match fixing can be curbed or even eliminated by […]

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Andhra Pradesh Reports Largest Number of Satta Cases in India

PRS Legislative Research has compiled National Crime Records Bureau data related to gambling, according to which the largest number of gambling cases in India were reported from Andhra Pradesh. While Andhra Pradesh reported 2,67,719 cases of gambling from the years 2007 to 2012, Madhya Pradesh reported the second largest number of 1,14,828 cases and Maharashtra […]

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IPL Satta Case Reveals Corrupt Cop

K. Ramanujam, the director general of Tamil Nadu police, has summoned Q Brand Superintendent of Police G. Sampathkumar for an inquiry after an accused in the IPL satta scandal claimed that Sampathkumar had received bribes worth Rs. 15 lakh from bookies under the assurance that he would get them out of trouble. Sampathkumar has been […]

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Legal Experts Say that Sports Satta is Legal in Karnataka

The residents of the state of Karnataka in India will be delighted to know that they can safely and legally place a satta on the tri-series. Although the Karnataka police often book those who indulge in cricket satta, the Karnataka Police Act does not criminalize the act of placing a satta on athletic games and […]

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Indian Government Urged to Pass Better Satta Laws

A consultancy firm in India estimates that, in 2010 alone, Indian gamblers spent around $60 billion placing bets on a wide range of games. Most forms of gambling are illegal in India, but the Indian government is slowly realizing that legalized and regulated gambling can definitely generate revenue for development activities. Currently, only horse betting, […]

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