How to Place a Bet at Online Satta Sites

Casino and Poker bets are fairly straightforward. This guide will help you to place a bet on sports. We are going to use our favorite sports betting site as an example. This guide will walk you through navigating the sports menu, finding an event, and placing a bet.

1. Log in to your account and make sure you have sufficient funds. If you need help depositing, be sure to see our deposit guide as well.

2. From the left hand menu, select the sport you would like to place a bet on. We have chosen football (soccer).

3. This will bring you to a central menu of events. You can choose from matches sorted by betting type. We have minimized all selections except for “full time result” (win, lose, draw), which is the most common betting type. This will then give you a sub-list sorted by countries. If you are looking for Indian odds, you will want to choose “Rest of World”.

We will select “United Kingdom” for the purpose of this guide.

4. You will then be given the option of the various leagues within the UK. We chose Barclays Premier League.

5. This will give you the upcoming events schedule along with available odds. Notice the time of the match displayed on the left. The speaker icon bet365 live audio indicates that live audio cast is available for this match. You are then presented with the odds for full time results. Followed by a stats button and further betting options.

The Stats Button bet365 stats button will open a window that will display various stats for the match-up. You can use these stats to choose how you will bet. Stats include previous performances, team states and more helpful information to make an informed decision.

You can click on the odds presented in order to add them to your betting slip, however, if you want to see more options for the match-up, choose the betting options icon bet365 betting options.

6. After clicking the betting options icon, you will presented with further betting choices. Simply choose the bet you would like to make and it will automatically be added to your betting slip on the right side of the screen. We selected the Liverpool Option, which means we are betting that Liverpool will beat Stoke.

7. Input the amount you would like to wage on that event/outcome and select “Place Bet’.

8. After the event is concluded, the wager will be closed and appropriate payouts will be made.