Frequently Asked Online Satta Questions

The following are the most frequently asked questions we receive. For more in-depth responses please see the corresponding page(s). You can also contact us at [email protected].

Question 1. Is betting on the Internet legal if I live in India?
Yes. No laws censor the act of an Indian citizen from placing a bet at an online casino, sportsbook or lottery site. In order to fully comply with laws you should transact in Rupees when applicable. It is illegal to bet at a bookie not located on the internet or licensed by a regulating body.

Question 2. How do I put money onto the internet?
In order to do so you must choose a satta site that accepts India. From there you can deposit with a credit or debit card. If you do not have one you will need a Moneybooker (Skrill) or Neteller account. After registering at the satta site of choice click the ‘deposit’ button and continue.

Question 3. My bank credit card didn’t not work, what should I do?
Please sign up at or and proceed from there. Please see here for Skrill and here for Neteller details on opening an account for online gambling purposes. These ‘ewallets’ allow for anonymous transactions. No gambling activities will show up on your bank statement.

Question 4. I want to bet on the Indian Premier League (IPL). How?
Visit, open and account, deposit and look for the ‘cricket’ tab. From there you can bet on the matches and also while the matches are going on called “in-play” betting. For legality reasons we do not condone live betting or prop betting due to the lack of skill – but everyone does it anyway.

Question 5. Can I trust these sites with my money?
Yes. All of the betting sites we endorse are accredited by the UK Gambling Commission. A few of the gambling sites mentioned are worth over INR 23 CR according to the and there have been no theft involved with the companies we mention.

Question 6. Where can I bet Satta Matka?
Matka, unfortunately is not available on the internet. There are a few sites that offer call in numbers but they seem very shady. As an alternative we recommend lottery websites.

Question 7. Is poker legal?
Poker is a game of skill and is widely accepted as being a lawful act in India. Poker Stars and Bet365 agree to this and both accept Indian players.