Deposit Options for Indian Satta Sites

Of all the questions we receive, depositing is at the top of the list. We have created this guide to give Indian bettors a greater understanding of depositing options. On this page is an updated summary of each betting option, including deposit minimums and maximums, fees, time frames, etc. I have notes on how each one works.

Credit Cards

visaVisa is the primary card available for Indian bettors. Maestro is also offered, but Visa is the dominant card by far. Credit card deposits can be extremely difficult from India. Most sites have a very poor acceptance rate (roughly 30%).

What is even more frustrating is that if your credit card works one time, it may not work another time. This is true of all sites except which has an impressive 100% acceptance rate.

See our page on how to deposit with credit cards.

Fees: Zero fees charged by the betting site

Time Frame:  Immediately

Minimum/Maximum Deposit: 350 -1000 INR / 99 000 – 500 000 INR


netellerEwallets are the next best option to credit cards and are perhaps the most popular deposit method for Indians. There are several advantages to credit cards over the other methods.

First, the ewallets Skrill and Neteller are accepted at nearly every Indian satta site. This allows you to make fast and easy transfers from one site to another if you want to take advantage of better odds or bonuses between the different sites. Second, they offer a layer of privacy between the betting site and your bank account. When you make transactions with the ewallet, your bank statements will show the name of the ewallet only.

The main drawbacks to ewallets is that setting up the account initially can take some time. The ewallets also charge transaction fees that you won’t have when using credit cards and in some cases, bank transfers.

See our Neteller Guide and Skrill Guide.

Fees: Zero fees charged by the betting site. There are fees charged by the ewallet which vary.

Time Frame: Immediately

Minimum/Maximum Deposit:  350 -1500 INR / 50 000 – 500 000 INR

Bank Transfers

banking iconBank Transfers are great for those who have difficulty using credit cards and don’t want to use an ewallet. They are fairly straightforward. You simply initiate a wire from your bank to the betting site, providing the wire details that the betting site requires. Don’t worry, the betting sites usually use an alias, so it won’t be obvious that you are sending money to a betting site.

Fees: Zero fees charged by most sites. There may be a fee charged by your bank.

Time Frame:  1-10 Days

Minimum/Maximum Deposit: 1000 – 7500 INR / 375 000 – 1 000 000 INR

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