Sports Satta Legalization Can Cure Match Fixing

india champsThe Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry recently published the results of a survey to find out the opinion of Indian entrepreneurs regarding the legalization of sports satta in the country.

The survey showed that 74 percent of the businesses in India agreed that match fixing can be curbed or even eliminated by legalizing sports satta, something that those associated with sports satta are already aware of.

People all over the world love betting, and Indians are not an exception to this rule, and the only way to keep sports satta clean is to properly legalize, regulate, and tax it. Match fixing is a serious problem in India, as shown by the recent IPL satta scandal. In fact, the IPL has been involved in a number of match-fixing scandals.

Unfortunately, India’s satta laws are vague and outdated; they have not been upgraded since they were formed by the British in the nineteenth century. It is the need of the hour for the country to study these laws and revise them to suit the twenty-first century sports satta scenario.

Online sports satta legalization will make India an example for other Asian countries to follow. It will boost business, generate employment, increase state revenue, and give Indian bettors the opportunities to place sattas on their favorite sports in a safe, legalized, and regulated environment. The biggest benefit of sports satta legalization is that it will effectively eliminate match fixing scandals that are currently wrecking the once spotless reputation of popular sports such as cricket.

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