AAAG Flays Goa CM Manohar Parrikar for Supporting Casino Satta

india casino baned-1Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar’s recent statement that casinos cannot be closed down overnight because the state gets as much as Rs. 150 crore from them has angered the Aam Admi Aurat Against Gambling (AAAAG).

The AAAAG says that the chief minister’s statement indicates that the government is incapable of good governance because its economic policies are faulty. The organization is of the opinion that the life quality and index of happiness of the people of Goa ought to be improved not by revenue generated from legalized satta, but from sustainable development.

Besides criticizing the chief minister for expressing his support for casinos, the AAAAG stated that it will continue its fight against legalized casino satta in Goa.

The AAAAG has issued a press release in which it urges the public to realize the actual economic harm done by casino gaming. According to the anti-gambling organization, Parrikar’s statement proves that the government will go out of its way to promote casino satta once it becomes dependent on satta-related revenue. The state government’s economic policies are so dangerous that they have succeeded in making unscrupulous politicians richer at the cost of the residents. Besides, casinos have led to trafficking and prostitution, the organization opined.

The AAAAG also submitted a memorandum to the collector, the mayor of Panaji, and the director general of police, in which it has urged the government to ban all forms of casino advertisements.

The organization has also stated that it is currently in the process of quantifying all the crimes that casino satta leads to.

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